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Pantheon is a "seamless world" and not divided into zones. Players will not cross "zone lines" to access the majority of areas within the game, though there will be exceptions.

The term "zone" is still used by the community to refer to certain, broad areas of the world.

List of Areas/Zones/Hunting Grounds[]

Zone Continent 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 Raid Info
Amberfaet Kingsreach X X X X Yes Revealed: Stream #3 Dec-2016
Avendyr's Pass Kingsreach X X X - Revealed: Stream #3 Dec-2016, Stream #2 Jun-2016, Stream #1 Mar-2016
Avendyr's Seat Kingsreach X - Revealed: Making a City Nov-2017, Technical Art Stream Sep-2017
Black Rose Keep Kingsreach - Revealed: Stream #7 (PA2) Apr-2018
Halnir Cave Kingsreach X X X - Revealed: Stream #6 (PA2) Mar-2018, Technical Art Stream Sep-2017, Stream #3 Dec-2016, Stream #2 Jun-2016
Ru'Lun Kingsreach - Not revealed
South Saol Kingsreach X X - Revealed: Stream #4 Part I Apr-2017
Steppes of Ru'Lun Kingsreach - Not revealed
The Silent Plains Kingsreach - Not revealed
The Silent Sanctum Kingsreach - Not revealed
The Seven Locked Door Kingsreach - Not revealed
The Vae Wood Kingsreach - Not revealed
Tower of the Reckless Magician Kingsreach X X X - Revealed: Stream #4 Part II May-2017
Veil of Azeris Kingsreach - Not revealed
Wild's End Kingsreach X X X - Revealed: Wild's End TeaserDec-2015
Khāga Sands Reignfall - Not revealed
Skargol Reignfall - Not revealed
Syronai's Rest Reignfall - Not revealed
Tasrin's Gaze Reignfall - Not revealed
The Broken Maw Reignfall - Not revealed
The Dead Vault Reignfall - Not revealed
The Burning Sanctum Reignfall - Not revealed
Valley of the Watchmen Reignfall - Not revealed
Wander's Lost Reignfall - Not revealed


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