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Visionary Realms, Inc. are the designers currently working on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

At Visionary Realms, we believe that the best of MMORPG design is yet to come. We understand how healthy challenge in a game promotes teamwork, often blooming into profound relationships and enduring memories. We focus on these poignant elements of design and aim to provide our players with environments conducive to building reputations, friendships and alliances--as well as rivalries and notoriety. Visionary Realms resumes where past MMORPGs left off with these elements, and is excited to see the genre re-emerge.

Our team comes from the players, as we are players ourselves. We all share the same passion to create meaningful experiences through MMO games. We come from all over the world and have united to answer the call of the gamers who have been searching for a challenging and socially-charged game. We have been searching for it ourselves.

Among us are seasoned industry veterans who have worked on globally celebrated titles like EverQuest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Star Wars Galaxies to name a few of the dozens of titles in our collective repertoire. We have personalities who have come from some of the top MMO gaming websites. We also have talented newcomers who have fresh ideas and unique insights. Together we are a highly diverse and driven team, ready to push into the next era of MMO gaming.

Meet the Team[]

Every team member at Visionary Realms shares one thing in common: the unyielding passion to reforge the MMO experience. The team has come together from all corners of the earth to share in realizing this dream.


Chris "Kuripan" Rowan - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Tim Sullivan - Chief Financial Officer


Chris "Kuripan" Rowan - Executive Producer
Ben "Machail" Dean - Project Producer
Chris "Joppa" Perkins - Creative & Programming Producer
Adam "Tehom" Mostel - Production Manager


Kyle Olsen - Lead Programmer
Robert Crane - Senior Programmer
Tod "Zippyzee" Curtis - Programmer

Art & Animation[]

Chris "Joppa" Perkins - Creative Director
Ross Armstrong - Lead Animator
Jared Pullen - Senior Concept Artist
Tim Schuhler - Environment Artist
Holly "Lethe" LeMay - Associate Concept Artist
Phillip Keidge - Associate Character Artist


Chris "Joppa" Perkins - Lead Designer
Adam "Tehom" Mostel - Senior Game Designer
David Beach - Game Designer
Tyler Stokes - Game Designer


Chris "Joppa" Perkins - Audio Director


JN "Istuulamae" Gerhart - Lead Writer


Sam Scott - Director of Technology
Bret DeChristopher - Database Administrator
Mo Ismailzai - Linux Administrator

Marketing & PR[]

Ben "Machail" Dean - Director of Communications
David "Roenick" Schlow - Marketing Art Design Lead & Senior Content Creator
Anthony Guidi - Associate Content Creator

Community Management[]

Ben "Kilsin" Walters - Community Manager
Jason "Medawky" Bolton - Associate Community Manager

Quality Assurance[]

Kim "Zoeii" Morrison - Quality Assurance Manager
Michael Butler - QA Consultant & Tester
Jason "Medawky" Bolton - QA Tester
Mark Maraglino - QA Tester

Human Resources[]

Jeanna Ruschell - Director of Human Resources
Lynn Ashworth - Internal Communications Manager

Customer Service[]

Michael Butler - Customer Service Manager
Jason "Medawky" Bolton - Customer Service

Web Design[]

David "Roenick" Schlow
Ben "Machail" Dean
Chris "Kuripan" Rowan

Partner Development[]

Chris "Kuripan" Rowan - Chief Executive Officer
Michael "Artois" Butler - Partner Development Manager

Board of Directors[]

Chris "Kuripan" Rowan
Chris Kronenthal

Additional Contributors[]

Julien Abenhaim, Albert Barajas, Elicia Basoli, Will Barry, Pierre Cadieux, Linda "Brasse" Carlson, Taylor Christensen, John Diasparra, Ben Droste, Bill Fisher, Fernando Flores, Scott Hornberg, Forrest Imel, Dave Jezewski, Daniel Krenn, Jerry Kuklis, Jimmy "Tourke" Lane, Corey LeFever, Mark Nolan, David Reitman, Bruno Rime, Brendan Rogers, Sierra Rush, Eric Serviss, J.P. Targete, Aaron Thomas, Tim Wathen, Jason Weimann, Alex Williams, Jake Williams, Ken Williamson, Rod Wong, Ross Worthley, Mind Traveler Design, Reliable PSD

In Loving Memory[]

Brad McQuaid

In Memory of Brad "Aradune" McQuaid. Founder, creator, mentor. Without whom none of this would have happened.

Kurt Habetler

Kurt was a good friend with an amazing work ethic and a sincere interest in people. He was encouraging, spirited, inspiring and empathetic. We feel a great loss with the passing of Molad and we will miss him immensely.