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Thronefast is the Human starting City. It is located in Northeastern Kingsreach and is the central area in the Avendyr region.

Continent: Kingsreach
Type: City
Level Range ?? - ??
Connected Zones Avendyr's Seat
Avendyr's Pass
Zone Summary
Starting City for the Humans.


As yet, there is not released information for this place.
However, the Humans make their home in Thronefast.
This region is on the continent of Kingsreach



Points of Interest[]

  • The Gate; A large gate with smaller doors to easily access the city.
  • Camp Bedark; "Primary housing and training ground for garrisons of the Thronefast Regulars. Bedark is a bulwark of Thronefastian military power. Built into the very walls of the capitol, the camp allows for deployment within, on top, or outside of the city, while scores of soldiers training wherein provide chaotic rhythms of battle to ears of passers by."
  • "Tabern"; A large tavern located across from Bedark.
  • The Bathrund Trust; The bank in Thronefast.
  • Peacemade Plaza; A large area surrounding the Arches of Havensong where traders sell wares.
  • Arches of Havensong; Located in the center of the Market. Will contain engravings. The arches are placed along a small bridge.
  • Forum of Ocirico; "The grand forum, house of law, determinor of fates, stands as a stately lord to the North-East of Thronefast's main city gate. Here priests of Ocirico, with their Arch Advocates, weigh judgements in the balance, and citizens speak amongst themselves to the things of law and public interest, engaged in deep social disclosure. Herein, matters of social justice are handled in open session, before the people who stand in high public galleries."
  • Anvil of Fates; "The fabled Anvil of Fates... of stone and steel and burnished bronze. A homage to the actual Anvil of Fates, this weathered ediface looms before the doors of the Forum, the ceaseless Hammer of Ocirico arrested mid strike, at the very moment of impact, to forge the fates of man. Dutifully maintained by the Forum's live in priesthood, it is among their most sacred of constructs, a well known landmark amidst the bustling populace of Thronefast. Equal parts relic and meeting place, the Anvil of Fates is an impressive and fitting tribute to the Blind Fatesmith of The Availioth..."
  • The Holy Temple; Holy place that ministers the whole city. The front sports a facade into a small bed of holy water.


During the dev play session stream of Dec. 2019, Joppa stated that it would take roughly 20 minutes to run from Faerthale to Thronefast assuming it was a dead straight path with no run speed buffs.



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