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Thresh is an ability available to Dire Lords. It deals direct damage based on the Dire Lord's equipped weapon. It also applies a damage over time effect that deals a percentage of the direct damage per tick.


Note: Statistics in the tooltip are relative to the caster and fluctuate based on attributes, level, etc. The following data is provided for informational purposes only.
Deals between 20 and 33 Physical damage, causing the target to bleed for 20% of the inflicted damage over 10 seconds. (Latest In-Game Description for Thresh) [1]


Rank 1
Mastery Points: 1
Reduce Endurance Cost by 5
Rank 2
Mastery Points: 4
The bleeds from your Thresh attacks increase incoming Physical damage on the target by 5%
Rank 3
Mastery Points: 9
Bleeding ticks from your Thresh attacks have a 20% chance to reduce the active cooldown of your Strike attacks by 1 sec.


Changes in green are considered buffs while changes in red are considered nerfs.


Bullet.png March, 2021 [1] [2]
   Endurance Cost Removed.

Bullet.png September, 2020 [2]
   Icon changed (see gallery)
   Range Increased. 12m > 15m
   Endurance cost added. 0 > 40 Endurance
   Cooldown Increased. 6s > 10s
   Description Changed.
   A ruthless attack that carves your enemy open to expose their Essence, causing your enemy to Bleed and healing you for 12% of your Max Health over 4 seconds (Generates 5 Essence).
   Deal 200% weapon damage, causing the target to bleed for 20% of the inflicted damage.



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