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An example of a Perception "Ping" or "Prompt"

The Perception System is a game mechanic in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It is a multipurpose system, rewarding you as you explore with details on your environment and the lore of the world, as well as clues to potential quests and secrets.


There are currently two known ways to receive Perception prompts.

1. Your character's Insight skill is sufficiently high and you pass by something in the environment.

For example, while exploring Amberfaet with high enough Insight, your character might receive the Perception ping "They carved the face of their king out of the rock." This is an example of a flavor text ping: these are designed to give a bit of detail and flavor to the environment, encouraging you to explore.

2. You interact with something in the environment. (Tip: your cursor will change to a "grabbing hand" when something is interactive.)

For example, while exploring Amberfaet you might come across orbs floating above pedestals. If you interact with them, you receive the ping "I hear the echo of a voice, but I can't make out the words.".

Perception pings can be triggered more than once, but typically have a cooldown of a few minutes, with some potentially taking 24-48 hours to refresh. There may be an option for players in the in-game options menu to turn off reoccuring pings.


Characters who are engaging in the Perception System are known as Keepers.

One of the most profound things about Pantheon is how we are designing the game from the ground up so that the Environment truly matters – we want players to care about the world they are in, and why things are the way they are. When you think of MMOs, when is the last time you discovered the meaning, or the history, or the secrets of a person, place or event without being told by a text box? What if we’ve conceived of a way to bring players back to exploring because they are compelled by what they see in front of them - not because a blinking light tells them to go there? In Pantheon, Wizards will be able to perceive things that a Warrior cannot. Through prayer, a Cleric may gain insight into an area, or a creature, that a Rogue could never know. Through our perception system, Pantheon will redefine how the game world becomes known, and how players will work together to progress


The Dev Team took inspiration from classic tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons, while designing the Perception System. They wanted it to feel like you were playing with a DM (Dungeon Master), who would provide you with details and lore as you played the game and explored the environment.


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