Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Wiki
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This extraordinary book will serve as the complete compendium for your Class' special abilities. The first section of the Codex, labeled "Essential", will contain the host of standard abilities that characters can naturally train throughout their lifetime. However, in Pantheon, many of the most powerful and exotic abilities can only be found out in the wilds of Terminus: from heavily guarded treasure vaults, dangerous enemies and unimaginable locations -- these most powerful abilities are written on legendary parchments known as Prime Scrolls. The second section of the Codex, labeled "Transcendent", is built for the scribing and intensifying of these powerful Prime Scroll abilities.

Once scribed, players will be able to memorize a total of 10 abilities, mixing both Essential and Transcendent abilities as desired. Once memorized, players will be able to place these abilities on their Ability Bar, giving them full access to their use.

The accompanying image shows the Transcendent section of the Living Codex, where Prime Scroll abilities will be scribed. The Prime Scroll will only fill the top portion of each page; underneath, there will be three empty sections that the player can mark with special items which will further enhance the primary ability. These three sections are detailed below.

Seal of Amplification[]

Amplifies the bonus modifiers from Mana Climates that affect the Primary Scroll’s mana color. More powerful seals will increase the bonuses.

Brand of Resilience[]

Lessens the negative modifiers from Mana Climates that affect the Primary Scroll’s mana color. More powerful brands will decrease the penalties.

Signet of Synergy[]

Applying a Signet of Synergy to an ability will unlock different class-specific synergy effects that can be used in combination with synergy effects from other classes, sometimes to awesome effect. However, the Primary Scroll ability must be capable of synergy effects, not all will be.