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Atlas of Terminus[]

"The Age of Chaos has ended, the horrors of the Deicide Wars now fading memories in the minds of those who live on. The megalithic Sanctums still stand, dormant reminders of the great war. A tenuous peace now exists in this Frail Age as the races of Terminus seek to rebuild what was lost. The vast scale of the conflict left much of the world forever changed; once well-known lands now marred and unrecognizable or lost altogether. But this is the fruit of a handful of brave explorers, who embraced the call to chart the face of Terminus once again."

This is the current, known world of Terminus, as expeditions from Kingsreach and Reignfall have only just begun. However, reports are already coming in from the great regions of the East and the frozen reaches of the South.



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ZONE List[]

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The known lands are divided into continents, few of which have yet been scouted.


A landmass providing home to: Humans, Elves and the Halflings.

Regions within Kingsreach[]

Within are several regions:


A landmass proving home to: Dark Myr, Ogres, and the Skar.

Regions within Reignfall[]

Within are several regions: