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 |drop           = 
 |craft          = 
 |purchase       = 
 |auto           =
 |quest          =
 |pick           = 
 |create         =

drops / drop / dropped
What mob(s) drop(s) it and from what zone(s)
crafted / craft
If the object is crafted, and what materials it requires
purchased / purchase / bought
If its purchasable, from what NPC, and for how much.
auto / grant / granted
(For spells or abilities) If the spell is granted automatically upon leveling up.
quest / quested
If the item is acquired through the completion of a quest, what quest, and what zone the quest starts in.
pick / picked
If the item spawns in the world and can be picked up, and where it spawns.
create / created or summon / summoned
If the item is summoned or created and by what.