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Techniques are abilities available to players depending on what type(s) of weapon(s) the player currently has equipped.


Techniques are a new addition to Pantheon’s ability structure. Where previously the majority of attacks available to a class were the same regardless of the weapon they had equipped, we are now distinguishing between 'core' class abilities and weapon-based attacks. What this means is that while each class still has its core suite of abilities to add to the LAS regardless of the weapon they have equipped, the majority of weapon-centric abilities available for the LAS will differ based on the type of weapon the player is wielding.
~ Official description

Techniques are abilities which are unique to specific weapon types. Shields and held equipment types such as tomes do not currently have techniques of their own, but they may be a requirement for or enhance a technique provided by the primary weapon. [1] Techniques are learned as a player increases their skill with the related weapon type. [2]

There are two types of Techniques: Standard Techniques and Class Techniques.[2] Standard Techniques are available to any class capable of equipping the required weapon type, while Class Techniques are specific to certain classes in addition to requiring a certain weapon type. There may even be special techniques which are only usable with a specific item - rather than an item type - equipped. [2]

Techniques, like regular class abilities/spells, must be equipped to the Hot Bar. This means techniques are subject to the Limited Action Set mechanic and, as such, are given the same design philosophy as regular class skills. Some techniques are designed to deal damage, while others provide additional options such as stuns or help sustain the player through lifetaps. [3]

While techniques primarily affect melee characters, casters and healers will benefit from techniques as well, both through basic attacks that allow them to supplement their limited mana pools, as well as unique magical applications of their weapons to buff, debuff, and affect the tide of battle.


All techniques require readiness to perform. Readiness is generated passively, with more being generated while auto-attacking and receiving damage.

Design Goal[]

Techniques and the corresponding readiness resource were introduced to the public in April, 2022. Techniques were designed as another layer of options given to players, enabling them to react to a wider variety of challenges and greater opportunities to synergize with their fellow adventurers. Class specific techniques allow players to further differentiate themselves, their role and their playstyles. [2] Techniques also bring another sense of excitement to acquiring a new piece of equipment, now a new weapon won't simply offer increased stats but it can directly change your playstyle.

As an example case of the goal of techniques, take the rogue. While rogues favor daggers as a weapon for dealing damage through abilities like ROG backstab icon.png Backstab, they may want to lean into their flex role of crowd control by using blunt weapons like maces and hammers, their passive ROG ambidextrous icon.png Ambidextrous and various blunt weapon techniques.


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