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Summoner is a class available to players in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Their primary function is Damage, making their focus to bring down each foe as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The Summoner's foremost method of dispatching foes is through their Arcamental servants. The Summoner can choose between one of four elements, with each fulfilling a different function. Summoners aren't unfamiliar with combat magics, either, and their foes will find blades of mana -- and even objects from their environment -- brought to bear against them.


The Summoner has developed a powerful arcane command to conjure sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry, even fantastic creatures of incredible strength - all of this at her whim.


A male Gnome Summoner.

A male Human Summoner with their Arcamental. [Pre-alpha, 2018].

It is a curious thing, to reach a hand into realities other than your own. This is the art of the Summoner, whose hand then bring forth all manner of things that did not exist only moments before. The Summoners command of arcane conjuration is unrivaled, able to bring forth sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry, even fantastic creatures of incredible strength and ability – all of this at their whim.

The Mana Plane is home to near-sentient entities of pure arcane energy known as Mana Ghosts. Without purpose or form, it is the Summoner who has fashioned a use for them. Through their mastery of arcane summoning and the use of alchemical magic, the Summoner is able to pull a Mana Ghost through time and space while binding it to an elemental property. Historically the most stable and effective bindings have been to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, though experimentation is ongoing. These creations are known as Arcamentals and are the primary way Summoners engage in combat.

Game Guide[]

For in-depth guides to the Summoner and beyond, be sure to browse the class guides.

Group Role

Bullet.pngDPS. The role of DPS can be summarized easily: kill the party's targets. But each class that falls under the role of DPS has access to a range of abilities that do more than deal damage. DPS classes need to pay attention to the flow of combat and be ready interrupt important abilities or crowd control adds with roots, snares, stuns, mez and knockback abilities.
   Another important skill for all DPS (indeed, all players) to master is proper aggro management. A DPS needs to know how to deal the most damage the most efficiently, while not drawing agro away from the main tank and stressing their healers by taking unnecessary damage.


Arcamentals are categorized into 4 classes based on the elemental they are bound to. As you grow in power, your Arcamental will grow as well, becoming stronger and gaining access to more abilities. The Summoner will be able to choose which abilities their Arcamental has active.

Arcamentals are capable of using special armor and weapons that the summoner creates. These weapons improve the Arcamental’s effectiveness in various ways by improving its unique attributes: Power, Energy, Solidity, or Quickness. The different Arcamental types will have a unique primary and secondary attribute that the Summoner will want to increase as much as possible.

Fire Arcamental: Fury
Primary/Secondary Attribute: Power/Energy
Fury's Abilities

The fire-based Fury specializes in dealing powerful Fire, Nature and Magic damage to the Summoner’s enemies. Capable of putting enemies into a burning state.

Earth Arcamental: Titan
Primary/Secondary Attribute: Solidity/Power
Titan's Abilities

The earth-based Titan specializes in detaining the Summoner’s enemies and protecting the Summoner from harm. Capable of putting enemies into a fatigued state.

Water Arcamental: Undine
Primary/Secondary Attribute: Energy/Solidity
Undine's Abilities

The water-based Undine specializes in healing and restorative abilities that directly benefit the Summoner and other Arcamentals. The Undine is the only Arcamental the Summoner is able to briefly have active at the same time as another Arcamental.

Wind Arcamental: Zephyr
Primary/Secondary Attribute: Quickness/Power
Zephyr's Abilities

The wind-based Zephyr specializes in dealing rapid, close-range Physical and Nature damage to the Summoner’s enemies. Capable of putting enemies into a disoriented state.


The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.


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