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Salvaging is a component of the Crafting and Harvesting systems available to player characters in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Salvaging lets players break down existing items and receive components in return. Salvaging items can result in a mix of raw materials and/or crafting components. For example, "Gareon" has outgrown the "Silvered Longsword" he crafted, and no longer has need for the item. He could choose to Salvage it, possibly resulting in silver chunks, a silvered blade, or a hilt.

While the idea certainly isn't a new one, we will also have some crafting components sold only in specific cities. Many of these local materials will tie directly in with cultural based recipes. For example, special glass making materials might be found with the Dark Myr, so if players want to craft the Myr type of glass items they have to have the faction to buy the items there or find another player that has the faction that’s willing to sell them the materials from there.