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Eh! Where'd he go? Is he a cutpurse or a bloody magician?
~ Voldrin the Trade Baron, right before Tundril the Planestalker phased in behind him and stole his purse.

Rogue is a class available to the dark myr, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, human and skar races. Their primary job is to bring down enemies as swiftly and efficiently as possible. They achieve this end by stalking through the shadows, poisoning their blades and seeking opportunities to descend on their unwary foes with precise attacks and improvised alchemical concoctions. But the rogue is far more than a killer - they are capable of offering an array of utility to those they call allies. Scouting through the cover of shadow, laying and disarming traps, picking locks and even controlling the battlefield with crowd control abilities.


The treacherous rogue is far more than a trickster. With her daggers, she is a ruinous force that smiles at the dark places and unravels her enemies with terrifying efficiency.


A female dwarf rogue.

In the shifting sands of this fragile era, rogues are sought out for the faceless affairs of nations. Yet their allegiance is rarely to a banner or creed, but to themselves. With daggers drawn, the treacherous rogue is a ruinous force, unraveling their enemies with terrifying speed and efficiency. As melee specialists, rogues have trained extensively with one-handed weapons, but are most deadly with a dagger in their main hand, plunged deep into the back of their enemy.

rogues are proficient in most melee weapons, experts with daggers and poisons. They are masters of planar edged weaponry, able to detect and sever planar connections of power.

While exceptionally skilled with dagger and blade, rogues avoid combat unless it is on their terms. Masters of subterfuge, they plot their move from the shadows to avoid detection. They will find an opening of opportunity, or rely on their alchemical talents to create one themselves. When the moment arrives, there are few on Terminus who can match the deadly precision of a rogue's onslaught. And fewer still who can disappear in the wake of such carnage as if they were never there.

Game Guide[]

For in-depth guides to the rogue and beyond, be sure to browse the class guides.

Group Role

Bullet.png Damage. The role of damage (aka DPS) can be summarized easily: kill the party's targets. Each DPS class has access to a range of abilities that do more than deal damage, however. DPS classes need to pay attention to the flow of combat and be ready to interrupt important abilities or crowd control adds with roots, snares, stuns, mez and knockback abilities.
   Another important skill for all DPS - indeed, all players - to master is proper aggro management. A DPS needs to know how to deal the most damage the most efficiently, while not drawing agro away from the main tank and stressing their healers by taking unnecessary damage.

Combat Resource

Opportunity - Rogues generate Opportunity while under the effects of ROG shadow walk icon.png Shadow Walk, up to a maximum of 4 stored Opportunity, and they last until spent.


The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.


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