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Continent: Kingsreach
Type: ???
Level Range ?? - ??
Zone Summary
This area is found within Faerthale.

Redgrove is one of the few examples of Elven cultivation of nature within Faerthale. The trees were native to S’iolaen, the Elven homeworld, and are thus placed closest to the gates of the city itself. The road out from the city forks north and south, with the distinct red leaves and white bark of the Redgrove trees following in kind. This wood is meant to be as much a place of rest to the Elven people as their own homes, and the kiss of their influence is soft enough for foreigners to miss entirely.

The Reul Height. Upon the tip of the cliff, the Adytum of Aellos can be seen.[June, 2019]

Points of Interest[]

The Reul Height/Adytum of Aellos.

Broken off from the face of Aegis long ago, the Height is a hulking stone that rises up from the Forest like a child sibling of the Roan mountains. Elves see the Height as a symbolic first step toward the heavenly realm of the gods, and upon its peak they built the Adytum of Aellos. Within the heart of the Adytum is a phenomenon known as the Celestial Eye, a rare and mystical lens by which mortals can experience the heavenly bodies as if they were face to face.