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In untamed regions, the Ranger is a versatile and ferocious warrior, united with the land and animals he communes with.
~ Official Description

Ranger is a class available to the Elf, Halfling,Human and Skar races. The Ranger's primary group role is Damage, making it their priority to take down foes as swiftly as possible. Among the damage dealers, Rangers have the unique ability to fight equally at a range or in melee, or blend the two together in a style known as “skirmishing”.


A female Elf Ranger.

The wilds of Terminus call to Rangers, drawing them deeper into its mysteries. It is in these untamed regions of the world that Rangers are forged into versatile and ferocious warriors, united with the land and animals they commune with.

The Ranger excels at both melee and ranged combat, able to weave between the two with elegant ease. In close combat, Rangers prefer the use of one-hand weapons over two-handed, able to deliver devastating damage with swift precision. When the Ranger chooses to withdraw from close quarters combat, they can masterfully employ bows and crossbows to inflict lethal ranged damage, restrain enemies, illuminate their environment, set traps or flee from danger.

Gameplay Information[]

Due to outstanding dependencies, deployment of the Ranger, Summoner and Druid classes remain on hold until the integration of the new Networking stack is complete.

Group Role

The Ranger's official role is damage . Rangers are unique among the damage classes as they can fight equally at a range, in melee or by mixing both together in a style known as skirmishing by utilizing their RNG withdraw icon.png Withdraw and RNG engage icon.png Engage abilities.

Rangers have some of the best scouting tools, such as Lay of the Land: Hawk Scout which allows them to scout through the eyes of a hawk and Tracking which lets Rangers find specific targets within a large area by tracking their position.

Combat Resource

In combat, Rangers will constantly generate Momentum as a percentage of the damage they deal. In addition, certain melee and range abilities will increase a Ranger's Momentum by a certain amount when used. Other abilities will have a Momentum cost in order to be performed. The more Momentum a Ranger has, the faster their melee and ranged attack speed becomes, up to a 20% increase when Momentum is full. When a Ranger chooses to spend Momentum, their melee and ranged attack speed will slow in proportion until the Ranger builds their momentum up again.

Weapons & Techniques

Rangers are capable of equipping one-handed and two-handed Blunt, Bow, Edged and Piercing.

Weapon Class Available Types
Blunt Club, Mace, War Hammer
Bow Crossbow, Longbow, Short Bow
Piercing Dagger, Short Spear
Edged Axe, Great Blade, Great Sword, Sword[1]


The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.
~ Official Description (retrieved from archived FAQ)

Ranger can choose between three races: Elf, Halfling, Human and Skar.

Player Guides[]

  • For an in-depth look at the Ranger, please see the Ranger Guide.

FAQ / Q&A[]

Question [2]
Will Rangers be viable DPS if they stick to Ranged or Melee combat and don’t weave between the two?
I’ve given this one quite a bit of thought over the past many months, I can say that as of now, the answer to this is yes. Moving forward, the design of the Ranger class will focus on keeping them viable and competitive in DPS both at range and in melee combat, while leveraging their ability to weave between short and long range combat to create situational advantages that they can exploit while maintaining incredibly high mobility. We’re also reworking the Momentum resource quite a bit to support this playstyle and can’t wait to show it in action!

Yep! I thought I had said that publicly at some point, but Ranger is going to fully support all 3 approaches: full range, full melee, or skirmish.


  • The Ranger's original website reveal was in May of 2018.
  • During the June 9th, 2022 “Monk Combat Updates and Gameplay” stream it was announced that, as part of updates to the class-race matrix, Skar would now be able to pick the Ranger class.