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The Races of Pantheon, to scale.

Your Race is chosen as the first step towards creating your character in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


There are currently 9 races to choose between:



Bred as the ultimate of slaves, the diverse and vigorous Archai manifest their freedom in celebration and battle. Dark Myr

Dark Myr

Even in brokenness, the Myr are a proud, masterful race. But while their majesty transcends the waters, they’ve yet to escape its bitter depths. Dwarf


Robust and enduring champions of combat and mysticism, the Dwarves of Khadassa are fiercely loyal to their king.


Long afflicted, the Elves now mourn and flourish under the council rule of Faerthale and the brilliance of the Lucent Tree. Halfling


A fiery, youthful race, filled with mirth, recklessness and charm — but the exuberance of the Halflings masks an ancient curse. Human


Since the dawn of Thronefast five centuries ago, Humans have stood at the pinnacle of influence, surviving threats against their walls – and those from within.


Enigmatic and isolated within the floating keep of the Skyhold, the Gnomes are masters of the arcane, and the peculiar. Ogre


Once a unified and victorious host, the Ogres require a new breed of warriors to restore their heritage of militant glory. Skar


With an insatiable greed and appetite for carnage, the Skar fear nothing and have proven to be their own greatest adversary.

Race and Abilities[]

The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. This will also be true of your chosen class. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.

Race and Innate Differences[]

Your race may well affect how you deal with the environment, to an extent. For example, the Coldark Dwarves will most likely start with a degree of acclimation. It would therefore be easier for a Dwarf to reach the Tier 1 threshold for frigid climates. Other races may have their own innate differences, too.

Race and Faction[]

Races will have a specific set of faction at character creation. While there are some nuances to faction and alignment adjustment, evil races such as the Ogre, Skar, and Dark Myr will have a hard time getting close to good race cities. This initial faction position is set in stone, however, as you can adjust your faction and alignment through your actions in the game world.

Races and Alignment[]

Not released yet.

Race and Class[]

Race vs Class Matrix

There are restrictions as to which classes can be chosen for any given race.

This is determined by that race's history and Lore.

Race Lore Videos[]

Racial Lore: Archai, Dwarves & Dark Myr

Racial Lore: Ogres, Humans & Halflings

Racial Lore: Elves, Gnomes & Skar