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Progeny is a proposed gameplay mechanic in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Design Goals[]

There will be incentives to create alternate characters through the Progeny System. Players will be able to 'retire' high level characters and then create their children as new level one characters. These new characters, the 'progeny', will have certain advantages; abilities, stats, etc. that make them slightly yet noticeably better than a completely brand new character -- but not to the point that it unbalances things.
~ Official Description, (ca. ????)

The progeny system has a dual purpose: by incentivizing max level players to cycle back to the lower levels, it reduces saturation and monopolization of high level content while also ensuring that there are more players of all level spreads throughout the game world. [1] However, Visionary Realms has insisted they want the system to be voluntary in every aspect -- meaning that the rewards from the Progeny System should not be such that players feel they must participate in it. [2]

The Progeny System has been planned for late Beta, but might be pushed to post-launch. [3]


None of the Progeny system's mechanics or rewards are confirmed, but below are some of the ideas VR developers have mused as possible paths for the system. Remember: these are not confirmed!

Bullet.png Instead of retiring a max level character and starting fresh, the Progeny system lets max level players acquire special "currency" or "points" that are account wide and may be spent on alternate characters. [4]
Bullet.png As a reward, the Progeny system unlocks additional race/class combos. [5]
Bullet.png Players choose a few aspects of their main to keep when they Progeny (e.g carry over a tradeskill) [6]