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Like many role-playing games, Pantheon has many abbreviations and terms that can be confusing. Here is a list of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen terminology used by the community.

# A[]

"Additional". Used to refer to any amount of mobs that are on aggro over the amount you intended to fight. (E.G: you wanted to fight 2, but there are 5 mobs on aggro. You have 3 adds in this case.)
"Area of Effect".
  1. A target type for abilities/spells, which indicates that the ability/spell will do its effect in an area rather than to a single target, such as the Dire Lord's DL splatter icon.png Splatter
  2. Refers to the radius that an AE or AoE will affect.
"Away from Keyboard". Used whenever someone will not be physically at their keyboard, or in situations where they will not be paying attention to the game (e.g: they tabbed out of the game to check something online.)
Likely comes from "Aggression" or "Aggravation".
  1. Used to refer to mobs that are hostile and seeking to actively attack the target of their aggression.
  2. Also refers to the amount of "hostility" a PC has generated with a Mob. A similar term, Hate, can also be used in this way.
Aggro Radius
Aggro Radius refers to an invisible radius that every NPC has. This hidden radius is the area in which an NPC will attack those that it is hostile to, or assist an ally that is being attacked or fleeing. Some classes have abilities/spells that can reduce an NPC's aggro radius, such as the Enchanter's ENC control breath icon.png Control Breath
"Alternate". Most commonly used as a term for any additional characters an individual has, which they do not consider their primary or "main" character.
"Avendyr's Pass". This is a zone on Kingsreach. Pantheon specific term

B C[]

"Memory Blur". A blur ability/spell either:
  1. Completely erase their target's hate list, effectively removing the target from aggro and ending combat with them.
  2. Reduces the current Hate value for all PCs/NPCs in active combat with the Target of the spell, which can eventually erase it's Hate List. Blur spells that behave in this way are used in conjunction with CC effects (such as Mes or Roots) to safely clear aggro for a group.

The Enchanter's File:ENC thought thief icon.png Thought Thief is a Blur that functions like 1. by totally erasing the target's Hate List.

  1. Buffs are beneficial effects that enhance a player or creature's capabilities. An example of a buff spell would be the Shaman's SHA mark of fireclaw icon.png Mark of the Fireclaw.
  2. Used to describe increases in the power/usability/desirability of some game element which is indefinite. This is the opposite of a nerf.

"Black Rose Keep". This is a zone on Kingsreach. Pantheon specific term.
"Be Right Back". Used whenever someone is quickly going AFK, or when they are going to quickly do something in-game and then return (e.g: "I'm going to scout while we med, BRB.")


As in "Cast a Spell." Although technically referring to spells, it is frequently used to refer to the use of abilities by classes that don't have "Spells" or use "Mana" (e.g Ranger.png Rangers), especially here on the wiki.

"Critical". On every attack your character makes or Nuke they cast, there is a small chance that they will critically succeed, doing extra damage.

Another term for ERP.

D E[]

Damage Shield/DS
A term for abilities that cause damage in response to a target receiving damage, such as the Druid's File:DRU verdanfire briar icon.png Verdanfire Briars.

Debuffs are detrimental effects that lower a player or creature's abilities. An example of a debuff spell would be the Shaman's SHA shackle of the dust eater icon.png Shackle of the Mire

Defensive Target
A player's defensive target is the target of their offensive target. Example(s): Joppa's offensive target is A Bandit, whose target is Roenick. This makes Roenick the defensive target of Joppa.

  1. The opposite of Spawning: this is when an NPC, mob, item or object disappears from the world without being killed/collected/interacted with.

"Damage over Time". Used to refer to abilities and spells that cause reoccurring damage at set intervals over their effect duration. The timing interval which DoTs cause their damage on is referred to by a partner term: Tick. An example of a DoT spell would be the Shaman's SHA strike of the snake icon.png Strike of the Snake

"Damage Per Second". Multipurpose term.
  1. DPS is a measure of the damage dealt by a person or persons over one second.
  2. Refers to classes whose primary goal is to deal damage. (e.g Wizard.png Wizards)
  3. Can be used to indicate a lack or excess of damage ("We need more DPS to grind here." / "That boss does too much DPS for our tank.")

"Dire Lord". This is one of the available classes to play.


F G[]

Farming is when a player or players perform a repetitive action in order to achieve a specific goal. This is generally to acquire a piece of equipment or an amount of items, e.g for crafting. Generally interchangeable with Grinding, though farming is more commonly used when referring to items while grinding is used when referring to gathering experience or completing quests. Another nuance between the two terms is someone Farming is likely to remain in the same area.

  1. To perform a role that is not the primary role of the player's class. (e.g: Rogue.png Rogues can flex into control, as they have abilities such as ROG smoke trick icon.png Smoke Trick and ROG springwire trap icon.png Springwire Trap, though their primary role is Damage.)
  2. Indicates that a player is willing to play a character to fill a missing role (e.g: "I can flex Tank if we need one."
  3. Also used to indicate that a player is showing off, "flexing their muscles."


"Ground Target Area of Effect." This refers to Area of Effect abilities that center on a specified area of the environment rather than a target, such as the Rogue's ROG caltrops icon.png Caltrops.

Either "Got to Go" or "Good to Go", depending on context.

Grinding is when a player or players perform a repetitive action in order to achieve a specific goal. This is similar to and interchangeable with Farming. Some nuances between the two are that Grinding is generally more freeform and is used to refer to collecting experience or finishing quests, while Farming generally refers to camping a certain area in order to collect a certain item or an amount of items (e.g currency or items for crafting.)

H I[]

Hate is a Game Mechanic in Pantheon. Every hostile creature has a hidden "Hate List" containing every PC & NPC in active combat with it. Whoever has the most "Hate" is the target that the creature is attacking.

A hotbar or hot bar is a window (typically long and narrow, thus "bar") that allows elements/commands/spells/items to be dragged onto it for easier use and are almost always associated with hotkeys. In Pantheon, there are two types of hotbars:
  1. The Action/Utility hotbar. These two bars ONLY allow the slotting of abilities that match their type (Action abilities go to the action bar, Utility abilities to go the Utility bar. Please see the Casting Glossary for more detailed information) and cannot have anything else slotted to them.
  2. Additional bars can be created that function more in-line with other MMO hotbars, allowing you to slot commands, macros and items to it. These CANNOT have abilities or spells slotted to them.


"Invisible". When an NPC is invisible, the NPC will NOT be visible at all without PCs having some form of see invisibility effect. When the PC is invis, the character doesn't disappear off screen. This is also true of the PC's allies (e.g party members). Being invisible means hostile creatures won't attack you, and NPCs will not respond to hails or dialogue prompts. Attacking/casting, taking damage or interacting with NPCs (e.g shops) or environmental props (e.g looting a corpse) will break invis.

J K[]


This was the name of the halfling race before they were cursed by Molsth, the King of Specters.
"Kill on Sight". When an NPC is KoS, it means that that NPC will attack whoever it is KoS to, without being attacked first, if they enter its LoS and Aggro Radius.

L M[]


Linear Area of Effect, also occasionally known as a "Beam". This refers to Area of Effect abilities/spells that work in a line straight out from either the caster or a specified target.

Life Drain/Life Tap
Life Drain is a form of Drain ability. Drain abilities are any ability that deal damage to a resource, giving it to the user or their allies. In the case of a life drain, it deals damage and subsequently returns some amount of Health.

"Looking for Group" or (Rarely) "Looking for Guild". Used when a player is looking for a group to play with, typically used along with details about the player, such as class and level. Use as "Looking for Guild" is very rare and not advised, but otherwise used the same way as Looking for Group.

Lock Taunt
Lock Taunts are a specialized form of Taunt that forces a Mob to attack the user for a set duration, effectively locking hate to the user. The Paladin's File:PAL miraculous shimmer icon.png Miraculous Shimmer is an example of a Lock Taunt.

"Low on Mana". Used to indicate that a Player is low on the resource used to Cast.

"Line of Sight". Targets that are behind walls or other obstacles are not considered to be in Line of Sight, which is required for Casting.

LoS Pull
"Line of Sight Pulling" is when the puller of a mob intentionally breaks LoS of a mob to prevent it from casting and forcing it to have to reposition.


"Macroinstruction". Originating from a computer science term, Macros in MMOs, put simply, are any user created action that performs one or a sequence of actions/keystrokes *.

Used to refer to a player's primarily played character.

  1. Meditating is the act of resting and regaining combat resources (Health, Mana, etc.)
  2. Also used to indicate that a person needs to meditate ("Low on mana, need to med.")

Mez or Mes
"Mesmerize". Any ability/spell that stops its target from taking any action at all, completely preventing attacking, moving or ability/spell casting. Any damage will break the Mesmerize effect, with rare exceptions. The Enchanter's ENC enrapture icon.png Enrapture is a Mesmerize spell.

Short for "Massive multiplayer online" and "Massive multiplayer online role playing game" respectively.

Mobile object block. Originated in multi-user dungeons (MUDs). Technically interchangeable with NPC, but is more specifically used to refer to hostile NPCs or NPCs that are designed to be fought and killed.

N O[]

Used to describe unique mobs. Named typically spawn less commonly, have a different loot table and are more powerful than the NPCs they share their spawn location with. The reason for the term is that Named mobs tend to have a noticeably different name than common mobs, such as Magelord Khro'kamen instead of Black Rose Frozja Mage or Black Rose Bruiser. Note that while this is generally true, Named can have more subtle names. Rare is another term for Named.

Used to describe decreases in the power/usability/desirability of some game element which is indefinite. The opposite of a buff.

Noob / Newb / Nub
A term for a new or an unskilled player, sometimes both.

"Non-Player Character". NPCs are any character in the game that are driven by AI, not by another player.

A term for direct damage abilities, such as the Cleric's File:CLE abominate icon.png Abominate.


Off Tank
A term used to designate who in a group will function as the secondary tank. Primarily, the Off Tank handles aggro from adds that aren't being CC'd. Whenever the primary tank dies/is incapacitated, the Off Tank fills the role.

Overcon/Over Con
"Over Consider". This implies that an NPC is weaker than it appears.

P Q[]

"Paladin". This is one of the available classes to play.

This refers to NPCs that move about once spawned, rather than stand in one place. Pathers tends to have a preset patrol pattern.

Point Blank Area of Effect. This refers to Area of Effect abilities/spells that center on the caster, such as the Druid's File:DRU upheaval icon.png Upheaval

"Player Character". This is any character driven by a player, rather than an AI.

An NPC that is an ally to and controlled by another PC/NPC. Pets are capable of assisting in combat, while Familiars are pet-like, but cannot attack.

"Programmed random occurrence". Proc is used to describe whenever something controlled by random chance occurs. Most often this refers to item effects occurring, but can be also used to refer to random events or quests. For example, Bloodthirsty disposition mobs have a chance to proc a bleeding debuff on their target.

These are abbreviations of the game's title, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Pantheon specific term.

"Pick up group". This is a group formed primarily of random people, rather than guildmates or friends.

A term used to designated who in the group will be responsible for bringing mobs to the party for killing.


Pantheon operates on what is called a "Quaternity" system of classes, meaning that there are four distinct class roles: Control, Damage, Healer, Tank. Each of the 12 classes falls under one of these roles and may have aspects of other roles that they can flex into depending on their abilities, Mastery points and Equipment

R S[]

"Roleplaying" and "Erotic Roleplaying" respectively. ERP is sometimes referred to as "Cybering".
A target that is rooted cannot move. "Rooted" is a fragile state. Being rooted does not prevent the target from attacking, casting or using abilities.


Sha / Sham / Shammy
"Shaman". This is one of the available classes to play.

Snare effects reduce the movement speed of their target.

Spawn (Mechanic)
  1. Spawning is when an NPC, mob, item or object appears in the world and may be interacted with.
  2. The act of causing something to spawn. ("I'm spawning the named.")

Used to refer to mobs that do not path/patrol/roam once they've spawned. ("Only 1 static left in camp.")

T U[]

"Target Area of Effect." This refers to Area of Effect abilities/spells that center on a specific target.

Tank is a multipurpose term.
  1. Refers to the classes within the game whose role it is to absorb damage and keep others from being attacked by holding a mob's aggro
  2. Also used to designate who in a group will be fulfilling the role of a Tank regardless of their class' usual role. (e.g the group doesn't have a standard tank (Warrior.png Warrior/Dire lord.png Dire Lord/Paladin.png Paladin), so they might designate their Monk.png Monk as the group's Tank.)

Taunt is a term to refer to any ability either:
  1. Increases the user's Hate level with an NPC, making them that NPC's target to attack.
  2. Temporarily force their Target to only be able to attack the User. NPCs are capable of using this form of Taunt [1]

Taunt Dance
Taunt Dancing is when two or more classes capable of taunting are using their taunts on the same target while not standing in the same or similar position, causing the target to spin around. This behavior is discouraged, as some classes require specific positioning for their abilities and mobs have more defensive abilities (e.g parry) from the front, reducing the effectiveness of melee attacks.

Used to refer to anything that occurs on a set timer. For example, the Druid's File:DRU angry hornet icon.png Angry Hornets spell lasts 36 seconds and deals damage every 3 seconds during that duration. The Tick rate of the effect is 3 seconds. This is a partner term to DoT.

Toon is one of many potential terms used to refer to a player's characters. (e.g: "I'm swapping toons.")

  1. Refers to a large group of mobs being on aggro.
  2. Used to warn other players that a large amount of mobs will be passing through an area. "Train to avendyr's pass!"
  3. The act of intentionally aggroing a large amount of mobs and leading them into other players.


Undercon/Under Con

"Under Consider". This implies that an NPC is stronger than it appears.

V W[]

Vendor Trash
This term is used to describe items that have no purpose but to be sold for coins to a vendor NPC.


Wiz / Wizzy
"Wizard". This is one of the available classes to play.

X Y Z[]




  • Macros. The full extent of macros hasn't yet been stated or seen. There is a possibility that Macros will not let you cast, but rather do basic commands like /assist and say things.

External Link(s)[]

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