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Monk is a class available to the archai, dark myr, human and skar races. While primarily a melee DPS, the monk is a diverse class capable of adapting to many situations. They are one of the best pulling classes and, if a pull should go wrong, monks have access to taunt and self-heal abilities which enable them to temporarily tank additional mobs.


The way of the Monk is a path of harmony between the body and the soul. Through longstanding discipline Monks have transformed their very being into resilient, living weapons which they are able to wield against their enemies with devastating effect. It is through the Way of the Body that Monks develop the strength and control to perform their devastating physical attacks. Monks use strong, deliberate strikes with their hands, feet and martial weapons that focus vital points on their enemy and exploit weaknesses with crippling power. But Monks do not rely on technique and muscle alone - they must also develop themselves internally, along the Way of the Soul. By cultivating this bond between their body and soul, Monks are able to manipulate their internal energy known as Chakra. This internal flow of Chakra is held back by a series of six gates, like water behind a sequence of dams. The Monk must learn to open these gates in order to wield their Chakra without limits, releasing it in a torrent of punishing damage, or in the form of powerful defensive and self-healing abilities. The 6 gates are known as: The Gate of Anger, the Gate of Peace, the Gate of Sorrow, the Gate of Joy, the Gate of Balance and the Gate of Release.


A male Dark Myr Monk.

Monks have mastered the arts of transforming their body and soul into resilient, living weapons. The Arts of the Body consist of devastating physical attacks such as Flurry Punch, Strike of the Wayward Wind and Rising Moon Kick. The Arts of the Soul allow Monks to concentrate their flow of Chi into punishing physical attacks like Surge of Chi, defensive abilities like Mountain Pose, and self-healing techniques like Resonating Palm.

Game Guide[]

For in-depth guides to the Monk and beyond, be sure to browse the class guides.

Monks are physical damage based DPS specialists that excel at sustained damage [2]. Though primarily a damage focused class, Monks have access to utilities to aid their group and can temporarily flex into the Off-Tank role.

Group Role

Bullet.pngDPS. The role of DPS can be summarized easily: kill the party's targets. But each class that falls under the role of DPS has access to a range of abilities that do more than deal damage. DPS classes need to pay attention to the flow of combat and be ready interrupt important abilities or crowd control adds with roots, snares, stuns, mez and knockback abilities.
   Another important skill for all DPS (indeed, all players) to master is proper aggro management. A DPS needs to know how to deal the most damage the most efficiently, while not drawing agro away from the main tank and stressing their healers by taking unnecessary damage.

Bullet.pngOff-Tanking. The role of an off-tank is to relieve pressure from the primary tank by drawing the attention of additional mobs (adds) to themselves. It is otherwise fundamentally the same as primary tanking:
   The role of the tank is to grab and maintain the attention (aka aggro) of hostile creatures (aka mobs), directing damage away from their allies. To be able to properly tank, it is important to understand the Hate game mechanic. Mobs have a hidden "Hate list" which contains every PC and pet that is in active combat with it ("on aggro"). Whoever is at the top of the list is the target that the Mob will attack. Nearly every action a PC takes while on aggro with a Mob generates hate, though the primary sources of hate are: Dealing Damage, Healing and using specific abilities designed to generate Hate (referred to as Taunts)

  The tanks job is to use their Taunt abilities to top the Hate List, keeping damage focused on themselves so that healers have as few targets to heal as possible.


The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.

Combat Resource

A Monk's nameplate. The sky blue bar beneath the Endurance bar represents current Chi, while the triangular segments above the Chi bar represent the five Gates.

Chi. The Monk's primary combat resource is their Chi. Monks have 50 total Chi, which regenerates passively at 5 Chi per second. [2]

Chakra Gates. Monks have 5 Chakra Gates: Gate of Anger, Gate of Balance, Gate of Peace, Gate of Soul, and a fifth that has yet to be seen. (Possibly Joy, Release or Sorrow)

Certain Monk abilities will open a Chakra Gate, which allows the Monk to use abilities requiring that gate to be open. Gates remain open for 5 seconds before closing, and while a Gate remains open, you cannot use an ability that opens another Gate.

For example, the Monk's MNK backflip icon.png Backflip ability opens the Gate of Balance. While the Gate of Balance remains open, Monks can use any ability that require the Gate of Balance to be open. However, the Monk cannot use abilities that open another Gate, such as MNK feign death icon.png Feign Death


In September, 2019's newsletter, Chris Perkins debuted a new segment where he answers commonly asked questions about the classes of Pantheon. Below are the questions and answers for the Monk.

  • Bullet.png Q

    Will Feign Death end up trivializing content? How do you plan to keep that from happening?

    Bullet.png Chris

    While Feign Death is a wildly powerful skill that has the potential to trivialize content, that risk is largely proportionate to the ways the skill can be countered. If there is nothing to counter Feign Death except the level-difference of the Monk vs. the surrounding NPCs, then yes the risk of trivializing content is real.
    In Pantheon, we plan to let Feign Death be powerful, but will provide several potential counters to it through the Disposition system. On your first run through a dungeon, or part of a dungeon, the Monk may be able to pull with no problems using Feign Death to break camps, etc. But after getting respawns or moving deeper in, you’ll start encountering NPCs with the Truesight or Cunning dispositions, both of which can see through Feign Death - suddenly you have a hard counter that will require a different strategy. Without going deeper into Feign Death’s mechanics just yet, you can be assured that this is one way we plan to keep Feign Death powerful and under control.
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