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Mining is a harvesting skill available to player characters in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. In order to mine ore, you must have a pickaxe. Mining allows you to harvest resources from ore veins at caves, quarries, and passes. As your mining skill increases, you can eventually mine rock-based corpses such as gargoyles and golems.

The rewards from mining are primarily used for crafting recipes for Blacksmiths and Stonemasons, with Alchemists and Scribes also using it.


The core of Mining lies in the ore veins and what you can find in them. They can be common rocks or be rare gems.

Name Locations Skill Req.
Copper N/A N/A
Tin N/A N/A
Iron N/A N/A
Jasper N/A N/A
Onyx N/A N/A
Quartz N/A N/A
Opal N/A N/A
Gold N/A N/A
Mithril N/A N/A
Platinum N/A N/A
Ruby N/A N/A
Diamond N/A N/A
Emerald N/A N/A