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An example of purchasing a skill upgrade with a Mastery Point.

Mastery is a Category:Gameplay Mechanic. Through the mastery system, players earn points referred to as Mastery Points which can be used to upgrade their abilities/spells or spend them on incremental improvements of their character directly.


The most common form of achieving Mastery Points is simply by leveling up. You gain 1 Mastery Point for each level you gain.

You gain mastery experience from killing mobs, though you gain mastery experience significantly slower than standard exp. However, unlike standard experience, the amount required to gain a Mastery Point is static and as you grow in levels, you will find yourself gaining mastery points before you gain an additional level.

Certain quests will also grant Mastery Points.

There are incredibly rare creatures that will grant you a Mastery Point when slain.

There are incredibly rare items, called Mastery Shards, that can drop from mobs. If you gather 4 Mastery Shards and bring them to a crafter, they can be forged into a Mastery Crystal which can be traded to special NPCs, found in major cities, who will grant you a Mastery Point in exchange. Mastery Crystals can be traded to other players. Note: Mobs must be a certain level before they will begin to have a chance to drop Mastery Shards.