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If I outwit you, we Kiri shall gain your laugh -- and you shall fall forever silent.
~ Lyone

Lyone was a female kiri who lived on Hiryth. She is a descendant of Marthus, the first leader of Kirensound who led his people to victory against their age-old foe, the ferrath.[1]


Not much is known of Lyone's physical appearance. Unlike previous generations of kiri, Lyone would look very similar to modern halflings, as the curse of Molsth halted during her generation.

Lyone was apparently exceedingly clever, intelligent and brave. She came up with a plan to trick Molsth into halting the curse that threatened to drive her people to extinction, which involved disguising herself and journeying into the cavernous underworld of Hiryth where the Laughing Wraith resided. She was able to craft a riddle that he was unable to deduce, securing her people's future.

Though she is never directly mentioned as a ruler of Kirensound, as a descendant of Marthus, it is likely that she either ruled Kirensound or was eligible to.


  • Lyone's generation, the fifth generation of cursed kiri, was the first generation of kiri to take on the moniker of halfling.


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