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Must you meet an Ember Elf to know that the ancient ways are changing, or be haunted by the past of the Dark Myr to reflect that perhaps you are as well? Must you see an Ogre stagger from blows to know that any beast can be defeated, or witness an Archai transformed in “birth” to understand that which delivers life may also yield great pain. Must you witness the ferocity of a Dwarf to fear their stillness in the storm, or spy a Halfling’s peaceful sleep to endorse their madness when it abounds. Must you tremble before the hivish Gnomes to be reminded of the realms we came from so long ago, or weep as the Skar subvert a single tree to know there are threats which may only be defeated here and now? Must you recite Avendyr's Speech of Souls to be stirred as deeply to endure in every season? I have told my own self the answer to all of these questions is "No". Yet I do not know if I believe it. Thus, friend, if you are truly looking for a home, I compel you... Go searching for it.

- The Keeper

The Tale of Terminus[]

After nearly a thousand years of searching, Terminus has not surrendered her greatest secret. The inescapable shadow in the corner of every shimmering day, the tiny flame that flickers in the darkest night. The question beyond the question: “Why?” For this story is a book with countless authors, a narrative told by innumerable voices. But for every race whose ancestors were ripped from their native realms like children asleep in the night, there is that timeless dilemma.

The History of Terminus[]

Peer into the deep past and hear the tale of an ancient planet renamed as “Terminus”, whose rulers are a line of Dragonkind known as the Reignborn. Yet even these regents bow before the one Dragon King, who strikes a mysterious agreement in the dusk preceding the arrival of three new faces to his majestic realm.


The Age of Seclusion[]

With the Dwarves, Elves and Ogres arrived, each race takes their first steps into the unknown expanse. This time of discovery finds their gods under peculiar restraint, even as they are so needed. Yet as the three are joined by a fourth race, the Ginto, events will take shape and swallow their questions with unholy indifference.


The Age of Chaos[]

In the dawn of this turbulent era come the Archai, Dark Myr and Humans. Yet they barely have chance to collect their breath before the Deicide War rages around them, and the Alliance of the Sacred Six agrees to build the three Sanctums as last resort. When the Ravaging Lord seems to bring his Endless Night to prophetic fulfillment, the Suns of Terminus rise to war for the fate of the world.


The Frail Age (Current Times)[]

In the aftermath of the Deicide War, victory is as wounded as the survivors. Alliances are all too quickly burned, yet out from the ash ascends the glorious city of Thronefast, and into the world come the Halflings, Gnomes and Skar. Amidst the settling dust of war and migration, realms are teeming and populations are thriving. Though the quandary of their gods looms ever dire, discovery is happening like never before.


The Keeping of Things[]

Enter into the Keeper’s Vault and study first hand the accounts of Terminus’ own inhabitants, alongside essays and observations of the humble historian. A champion of truth and exploration like no other of his order, his efforts are rarely appreciated. But in what he shares and what he does not, the debt owed to this compiler grows with each new entry.


Tale of The Twin Head God[]

Long before the Celestial Boundary was enacted and the activity of gods was greatly restricted, a deity known as the Twin Head God would roam across the mortal realm. This divine being would take the form of an immense, two headed wolf, a physically matchless creature whose presence silenced even the most arrogant of heroes. A solitary creature with few rivals or followers, the Twin Head God wandered alone throughout the world for a time.


Tales From the Fire: The One Between the Winds[]

Left foot, step.

The spider walks on walls and makes no sound.

Right hand, swing.

The spider runs on walls and no one sees.

Left hand, hold. Right foot, slide.