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This region is on the continent of Reignfall

Khäga Sands is a sprawling desert region, located below The Broken Maw and ending in a rim of cliffs to the south. With more mesa bluffs than drifting dunes, Khäga’s topography is captivating and harsh. Bordered on each side by seas, it harbors no man-made ports - rather, none that remain in use. A few rains blow in from the west coast, but most of the storms stay just off shore, as if held away. On the eastern cliffs however, there dwells a constant sandstorm, though it rages not by nature’s force.

Sojourners into Khäga Sands can expect to encounter the tightly-woven community of Mesa Orphans. These resourceful masters of desert life were chased out of their home lands centuries ago, yet have kept their jovial but discerning ways intact. In the majestic coves that soar above the sands, they’ve rooted and bloomed. Their rivalry with the Ogres of Broken Maw is old and violent. Wayward members of the northern clans are typically attacked on sight when venturing close to the Mesa, with their head carried off as a trophy. Otherwise, the Orphans are quite hospitable and their oasis is a jewel in the land.

The open landscape is vast and dry, but sometimes deceptively serene. Yet, as the ill-fated Nhireans learned, it is no place for leisure. Beware the flying adders that sleep beneath the multi-colored streams of sand - their numbers never seem to diminish for long. Their searing venom is deadly, but it is a pale wound against the backdrop of a new evil who prowls the Sands with vengeful intent. However, the howls of his sand-bound army fall silent at the door to a land beyond the desert The Orphans call this passage "the Throat", for it whispers without a face, with a voice that knows those it has never met.

Yes, it is said that one is never destined for Khäga, but is ever passing through. And while there are endless tales, tombs and treasures hidden in the drifts, it is perhaps best to heed that old advice and not let yourself linger.

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