Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Wiki

"Invisible" is a state or status effect in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Put in the most basic terms, it hides PCs or NPCs from view of one another.


There are a few mechanics to being Invisible beyond being hidden from sight.

When an NPC is invisible, it will not be visible to PCs at all, unless the PC has some form of See Invisibility effect such as the Monk's 25px Second Sight.
  1. When a PC is invisible, to NPCs the player is effectively out of sight unless that mob has See Invisibility.
  2. To other PCs that are ungrouped with the invisible PC, they won't be visible unless that player has See Invisibility.
  3. To the Player of the Invisible character, they will appear semi-transparent to indicate their invisible status.
  4. To the PC's own group, they will appear semi-transparent.

The effect of Players being invisible is that, so long as they aren't spotted by a creature that Sees Invisibility, they will not agro the Player. NPCs will not respond to hails or dialogue given by Invisible players.

Invisibility ends if... 
  1. Damage is Dealt or Taken
  2. An ability is used
  3. You interact with an NPC (e.g by shopping or banking)
  4. You interact with certain environmental props. The following environmental props are known to break invisibility: looting

Invisibility is NOT broken by... 
  1. Receiving falling damage.
  2. Climbing (ladders or the environment) or closing/opening doors.
  3. Swimming

Being Invisible does NOT... 
  1. Make you immune to Damage
  2. Make you immune to Agro.
  3. Remove Agro. If you have agro already and go invis, the creature will not lose agro and can agro Adds per normal.
  4. Remove player/player collision