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Imbue Trait: Ashen Regeneration
DRU imbue ashen regeneration icon.png
Class(es): Druid
Passive or Activated: Active
Level: 1-50
Target(s): Single
Cost: 9 Mana
Range: 20m
Cast Time: 2s
Duration: 24m
Cooldown: 2s
1: Target: Increase Health Regeneration by 30%
2 Target: Increase all Healing received by 15%
How to Acquire
Purchased from: Unknown

Imbue Trait: Ashen Regeneration is a spell available to Druids in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


Imbue the restorative nature of the Ash tree into your target, increasing their health Regeneration by 30% and all healing they receive by 15% for 24 minutes.