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Hirode can be seen upon a Halfling Druid's shoulder

Hirode is a small white fox gifted by the Halfling Ward Masae to all Druids. Hirode is a manifestation of Masae’s own companion: the Great White Fox known as Herode.

The druid's soul is bound to Hirode, as Hirode's soul is bound to the druid. Through this bond, the druid and Hirode will grow stronger together, and become capable of more and more powerful and diverse feats.

Hirode can help the druid in many ways during combat. She can gaze upon the druid's enemies, making them more vulnerable to the forces of nature and the druid's attacks. She can stand beside a druid's ally, amplifying the healing they receive. Or, she can turn her attention to the druid, and through their bond, strengthen many of the druid's abilities.

For a list of these abilities, please see Hirode's Abilities