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Hate (also known as Threat and Aggro) is a Mechanic in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The game officially uses the term Hate, so that is the preferred usage on the wiki.

Mobs use Hate as a method of prioritizing who to attack. NPCs have a hidden Hatelist which contains all PC and NPCs that are in combat with it, ordered by the lowest to highest amount of Hate generated with them. Whoever is at the top of that list, aka whoever has generated the most Hate, will be targeted by them. This behavior can be overwritten by some Dispositions. For example, a Mana Crazed NPC will always prioritize a target with Mana and are immune to Taunts and all other forms of Hate generation once they've found a mana using combatant. This behavior may also be altered due to event mechanics or spells.

Note that NPCs may also be able to Taunt PCs.[1] While how this would exactly work has yet to be seen, it has been stated that it will behave like a Lock Taunt that Players themselves have access to. This means that the NPC taunting a PC will force that PC to target and attack only that NPC for a duration.

Hate is generated by...

  • Action Abilities being used regardless if they are designed to generate Hate or not.
  • Damage being dealt to the Mob
  • Targets in combat with the Mob receiving Healing or Buffs
  • Targets in combat with the Mob sitting to Meditate.
  • Taunts