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Fortress DeViare
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Continent: Kingsreach
Type: Dungeon
Level Range ?? - ??
Zone Summary
Fortress DeViare is a showcase zone which bears many similarities to Halnir Cave.

Fortress DeViare is a showcase zone. It was designed to encapsulate many features of Pantheon, allowing testers to get a sense of the Pantheon experience in a short time frame. The top part of Fortress DeViare acts as a sort of town, with merchants, class trainers and combat dummies to try out abilities. Tutorials to familiarize testers with interacting with NPCs, picking up items from the environment, questing, crafting, climbing, harvesting and perception are available.

The bottom part of Fortress DeViare shares the layout of Halnir Cave. Filled with hostile creatures to fight, this area also showcases atmospheres, dispositions, artifacts, as well as the concepts of named NPCs through creatures such as The Gravemother and event encounter named like Hyoket, the Azure Queen.



Image Name Frequency Level Range Notes
125px Hyoket, the Azure Queen Unique ??
125px The Gravemother Rare ??