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Fishing is a harvesting skill available to player characters in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. In order to fish, you need to have a fishing pole. Fishing allows you to harvest items in waterways, from small ponds of water to pools of toxic ichor.

Fishing rewards are primarily used for crafting recipes by Provisioners, mainly for cooking and brewing, but are also used by Alchemists and Scribes.

At the beginning, you might only find algae and soggy goods. As your fishing skill grows, you can find clues to lost treasure, exotic fish, acquire sturdier and exotic fishing poles, and fish in other bodies of liquid, such as raw mana.


Various species of fish populate the many waters of Terminus. Some certain wildlife are expected to only be found in one area, such as brackish water or swamps.

Name Locations Skill Req.
Brouter N/A N/A
Cuddlecreeper N/A N/A
Meatmaul N/A N/A
Mudking N/A N/A
Odamynx N/A N/A
Puzzin N/A N/A
Raytail N/A N/A
Saltbelly Craw N/A N/A
Severfish N/A N/A
Snapfish N/A N/A
Soldier Fish N/A N/A