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UI exclamation.png This page is for fan created video content. If you're looking for official video content made or sponsored by Visionary Realms then please see Videos.

This page is all about fan made video content for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It aggregates not only direct video links but also provides a list of content creators whose primary focus is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

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Direct Video Links

Below is a list of links that lead directly to videos about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Ideally, this section should be used for instances where the creator of the content does not typically focus on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen content.

Narrated Fan Fiction

  1. Tiru the Enchanter (Moxie VS Games, VO by InZane4Lyphe)
  2. See this playlist for more narrated fan fiction by Chris Kane.

Videos about the Races of Pantheon
EQOAnostalgia "Racial Lore" Videos (YouTube)
Archai, Dwarves & Dark MyrOgres, Humans & HalflingsElves, Gnomes, Skar

Reaction Videos
Class Reactions
RakusTalent YouTube
DruidDire LordClericEnchanterMonkPaladinRangerRogueSummonerWarriorWizard
Gameplay Reactions
RakusTalent YouTube
React to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha 5 GameplayReaction to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Gameplay Footage


  1. Fan made trailer by Burnsmh
  2. Fan made trailer by Diemond
  3. Fan made trailer by Kobrashade

Assorted Videos
Readbeardflynn (YouTube)
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen made MORE progress in 2021 than you think...Pt. 1Did Pantheon REALLY overhaul their combat system?New World's cautionary tale for Pantheon: Avoid these at all costsPantheon should consider these positive qualities from New WorldWhy you should be #pantheonpatient


  1. Narrations of Lore and Fan Fiction (Playlist - Chris Kane)
  2. Three Minutes in Terminus (BasementRPG)
  3. Cashshop in Pantheon, my thoughts! (RakusTalent)
  4. Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, Passionate Talk! (RakusTalent)

Fan Channels

Below is a list of channels (e.g YouTube, Twitch) that are dedicated to or provide significant coverage of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Content creators in this list should consistently produce videos about Pantheon - it doesn't have to be exclusive.

For gameplay exclusive coverage, the channel can be included if the majority of videos are Pantheon. For other cases where the content creator plays a wide variety of games, please only include them if they provide and maintain a dedicated playlist for Pantheon. Otherwise, include them in the direct links section above. This list should be regularly patrolled to ensure the creators are active and any playlists linked are actively maintained. Inactive channels will be moved to the Inactive Sources section below, while unmainted playlists will be moved to direct video links.

BazgrimTV (YouTube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel BazgrimTV . Bazgrim provides in-depth coverage of Pantheon with gameplay streams, developer interviews, convention vlogs, and more:
Disparate Worlds (Youtube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel Disparate Worlds. The channel has split Ashes of Creation and Pantheon coverage in a talk show format.
PantheonPlus (YouTube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel PantheonPlus. PantheonPlus covers Pantheon news, as well as providing gameplay streams, developer interviews, and engaging the Pantheon community via their podcast.
The Nathan Napalm (YouTube)
The following link leads to a YouTube playlist by the Nathan NAPALM which has videos covering Pantheon.

Inactive Sources

The below sources are no longer being actively updated/maintained.

Voices of Terminus (YouTube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel Voices of Terminus, which creates a podcast covering Pantheon.
Saicred (YouTube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel Saicred. Saicred creates highlights of streams, newsletters and creates a podcast dedicated to Pantheon.
Temmi (YouTube)
The following link leads to the YouTube channel Temmi. Temmi discusses Pantheon's lore.