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Continent: Kingsreach
Type: City
Level Range ?? - ??
Connected Zones The Vae Wood
Zone Summary
This is the starting city of the Elves located on/near the Western Coast of Kingsreach.


Faerthale, the westernmost seat of Kingsreach. Boasting some of the starkest extremes of any region on the continent, Faerthale holds daunting mountain passes, an enchanting jungle cave, an idyllic river, and several diverse wooded regions.

The southeastern border of Elven dominion begins at the edge of the Silent Plains, while the western edge abuts a tumultuous sea. There the waters of the River N’ylem gush over a cliffside coast, though the pool below garners rare usage by the inhabitants. The sprawling wood that covers the terrain is comprised of two primary sections: the Elven-cultivated Faerthale Forest and the pre-Elven Oldwood. To the North, the Elves carved their capital of Faerthale into the face of Mount Aegis nearly 800 years ago. This lofty mountain preserve has outgrown its original purpose as a fortress, emerging as the steady heartbeat of the Elves’ diverse culture. From this majestic stage, the future of their race is debated, with each of the three branches of their society vying for influence while maintaining peace.

Yet in the center of the city is a natural and supernatural beauty that unifies Elven purpose. Twisting up from the foot of Mount Aegis is the Lucent Tree, a white-leafed monolith of life, light, and divine creation. The origins of the tree trace back with the Elves and their home planet of S’iolaen. The Lucent Tree is the face of their people, more than any single member of their race. And while not a god to be worshiped, the tree is a living monument that links Elves with their tragic past, yet feeds their hope in the future.

May the light of the Lucent Tree guide us in kind as we pass through the regions of this majestic Elven home.



Image Name Frequency Level Range Notes
MOB Bloodfang Raider.png Bloodfang Raider Common ??-??

Points of Interest[]

Faerthale City is one of the few dwelling places ravaged by the Deicide War that truly regained every bit of its former splendor. For a race that is thought to be stoic unto death by outsiders, the depth of their passion is evident in the resplendent city they rebuilt and even improved upon.

The city itself showcases the ordered preferences of the Elves, but also their belief that nature ought to have a say in craftsmanship. Buildings may be half inside the mountain or half over the edge of a cliff, or both, all by design and careful planning. Faerthale has grown around the heights of Aegis with studious care, ensuring the founders’ concerns for defense are not entirely forsaken.

Faerthale does not have standardized districts like Thronefast, so places of worship or vendors are placed throughout the city with an intent to knit all facets of life together. The construction of the city intentionally made the Crownroom and Lucent Tree visible at nearly all times to Elf and visitor alike. One whose voices fall from on high, the other whose majesty rises up from below.

Crownroom of the Anadem Council

The Council is comprised of the 9 Branches of Oversight, each from a different sector of Elven life. The Crownroom is a symbolic name, as the “crown” does not belong to one Elf but a select body ruling on behalf of the whole. The “room” portion of the name is something of a misnomer as well, as the lofty area is open to the sky without roof or walls of any kind, unless supplied by the arcane. This is to ensure that no words or decisions can be hidden from gods or mortals alike.

The Eternal Veil

The primary hall of the Ashen Order is not completely different from the day the Revenant torched Faerthale. The smoke streaks of the Black Flame are washed away, along with the filth of Revenant corpses. The structure was restored to a safe capacity, yet time there seems to have been locked in place. Where the flame melted the stones, the mineral remains marred. Bloodstains of the Elven dead have been sealed into the floor, a permanent reminder of the heavy steps each member is following in.
As Guardians of the Sephers, the master scrolls of Elven history, Ashen are responsible for maintaining any copies of the ancient scripts. Within their great hold of knowledge and artifacts are actual fibers of the Lumos Tree from S’iolaen, which still radiate heat after over a thousand years.

The Triarc Sun

Carved into the Mountain Aegis, the Triarc Sun is the foundry of Ember Elven identity and a bulwark of their subculture. It is here that the first debates on their purpose and direction were held, deliberating on what made the Ember necessary and distinct, as well as what inclusion in their order would look like. For while they are not true rivals, the differences between Ashen and Ember Elves seem to grow more stark with each passing year. The Ashen have the Wardens of Oldwood, the Ember now have Dythiir’s Hand. The Ashen point to prosperity within, the Ember to the threats without. Even within their sacred halls the distinctions are clear, as the Eternal Veil can seem like a funeral house when compared the more opulent and celebratory Triarc Sun.
Though it is a younger branch of Elven culture, the Ember actually see themselves as hailing a return to the more ancient ways of empire on S’iolaen. Within these stone walls the Ember claim to have the original Signet of the Western Kingdom of S’iolaen, and other artifacts of similar significance.

Bullet.png Redgrove[]

Redgrove is one of the few examples of Elven cultivation of nature within Faerthale. The trees were native to S’iolaen, the Elven homeworld, and are thus placed closest to the gates of the city itself. The road out from the city forks north and south, with the distinct red leaves and white bark of the Redgrove trees following in kind. This wood is meant to be as much a place of rest to the Elven people as their own homes, and the kiss of their influence is soft enough for foreigners to miss entirely.

For more details and points of interest within Redgrove, please see the main article.

Bullet.png Faerthale Forest[]

Resurrected from the total devastation of the Deicide War, Faerthale Forest is a living testament to how well Elven craftsmanship melds with the free reign of nature. Trees, plants, and wildlife are a harmonious mix of both S’iolaen and Terminus, reaching an even consistency, as the Elves are careful not to dilute the valley too much with their own influence. To the novice traveller, Elven cultivation of the land is easily missed, as is their intent. Yet when their delicate tells are learned, Elven handiwork becomes wondrously apparent, a language of the eye that speaks of deep affection.

For more details and points of interest within Faerthale Forest, please see the main article.

Bullet.png Soul of Aegis[]

Rarely explored by outsiders, the cave system known as the Soul remains something of an Elven preserve. Expansive, lush, and bioluminescent, the Soul is seen by the Elves as a pure vault of good nature. Yet this should not give the unwary a feeling of safety, for some of the threats that dwell within this hollow are nearly as formidable as the mountain itself.

For more details and points of interest within Soul of Aegis, please see the main article.

Bullet.png Lo'thale[]

Starting off as the testing area for land reclamation after the War, Lo’thale has become a rural take on Elven life. While not great in population, Lo’thale has a vibrant community of mostly Lucent Elves, while a few interested parties keep watch on who enters Elven lands. This modest hub of agriculture has tall fields of wheatgrass that surround a cluster of buildings, while a water wheel provides an appetizing sight for new travellers from the Silent Plains.

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Bullet.png Floor of Heavens (White Gate)[]

The Floor of Heavens is a pressure point for the larger Elven body. Once it was a treasured place of pilgrimage for worship and reflection. Now this border to the Roan mountains is an inhospitable wasteland, watched over only by the Elves of Dythiir’s Hand, who are stationed at the White Gate.

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Bullet.png Oldwood[]

In a world of innumerable old things, the trees of Oldwood are truly ancient. While no longer in as great a number as they once were, the wide area of land they occupy is all that was left when the Elves settled in the region.

For more details and points of interest within Oldwood, please see the main article.

Bullet.png The Murk[]

The Murk is a mishap of nature, living and yet dead. This sunken expanse is as ancient as the Oldwood trees, but where they age in grace and majesty, the Murk rots on as a devious and unforgiving twin. Within this twisted grotto the stench of rot is so thick it is said to drift like a fog, choking off light throughout the region.

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