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Factions are an important mechanic in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Factions are a measure of how others in the game world view your character, and run the spectrum between an NPC considering you as an ally, to NPCs who will kill you on sight.


Faction can refer to a few things.

1. A group of NPCs/PCs that are aligned. Practically every PC and NPC belongs to some sort of faction, and many belong to multiple factions at once.
2. A PC's current reputation with a faction e.g: I have bad faction with the dwarves (shortened from "faction standing".)

Faction is calculated numerically, but this number isn't visible to players. You can get an idea of your faction standing by Considering an NPC (Considering an NPC also gives you an idea of that NPC's level relative to you, and your chances of defeating it. See this page for details.).

All races have default factions. Classes also have their own factions, which can even put your character into a bad standing with their own race. An example of this would be a Human Dire Lord. The majority of humans dislike the Dire Lord class, and will be hostile to them.

Faction can be separated into 3 categories: Hostile, Neutral and Friendly, which can be determined based on the message given when you consider an NPC.

The following list is organized by lowest to highest. Note: Not all faction messages have been seen in-game.

Message Notes
[NPC] scowls at you, ready to attack. This is a Hostile standing, meaning the NPC is KoS
[NPC] glares at you threateningly. This is a Hostile standing.
[NPC] glowers at you dubiously. This is a Neutral standing. Neutral NPCs won't attack unless attacked first or they see someone with social agro being attacked.
[NPC] looks your way apprehensively This is a Neutral standing.
[NPC] regards you indifferently This is a Neutral standing.
[NPC] judges you amiably This is a Friendly standing. NPCs with a friendly standing won't attack unless attacked first, or they see someone with social agro being attacked. May unlock additional features depending on the NPC (Quests, bartering, etc.)
[NPC] kindly considers you This is a Friendly standing.
[NPC] looks upon you warmly This is a Friendly standing.
[NPC] regards you as an ally This is a Friendly standing.

Gaining and Losing Faction

The most common method of increasing or decreasing faction standing is by killing members of the faction. This results in negative standing with that NPC's faction, and potential increases to an opposing faction's standing.

For example, say there is an NPC called "A bandit" whose a member of the "Thronefast Bandit's Gang". This faction is an opposing faction to the "Thronefast Lawkeepers". By killing the Bandit, you would lose faction with the "Thronefast Bandit's Gang", but you would gain faction with the "Thronefast Lawkeepers".

You can see whether you gained or lost faction after killing a mob in the chat log. The corresponding messages are:

Your standing with (...) has gotten worse!
Your standing with (...) has improved!

Another method for increasing/decreasing faction standing is by completing quests.


FAQ (4.6) Are Races going to have specific factions at creation?

Yes. While there are some nuances to faction and alignment adjustment, evil races such as the Ogre, Skar, and Dark Myr will have a hard time getting close to good race cities. This is not set in stone, however, as you can adjust your faction and alignment through your actions in the game world.

FAQ (4.2) Will faction be important ...
... and will players be able to betray their home faction?

We like all of that in general -- the question comes up though: to what degree should these factions matter and does this sort of thing slip into PvP territory? If it does, you'd only see it in PvP servers. But changing your factions so NPCs will react differently to you -- this is all key to the game -- our faction system will be quite robust. Yes, you could betray your home or default factions.