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Role: Healer
Armor Cloth, Light Leather[1]
Weapons Blunt[1]
  • Club, Mace, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff - official description.
  • Abilities & Spells Click Here
    Combat Resource(s) Mana
    Available Races
    Archai race icon.png Archai
    Dark myr race icon.png Dark Myr
    Elf race icon.png Elf
    Halfling race icon.png Halfling
    Human race icon.png Human
    Ogre race icon.png Ogre

    Druids are a class available to players in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. They are one of the three primary Healers (the other two being Clerics and Shamans). Druids are the masters of in-direct healing. This can be seen in three forms: Druids can boost a player's natural health regeneration, they can boost the effectiveness of healing received by a target, and they are capable of casting area of effect (AoE) heals.

       With their mystical companion Hirode by their side, Druids can adapt to a variety of situations: from baring nature's fury on their foes through lightning and stinging swarms, cloaking their allies in camouflage or wrapping them in thorns that damage any enemy foolish enough to strike, and teleporting themselves and allies to the Wandering Stones scattered across Terminus.

    Lore[edit | edit source]

    The wild-eyed Druid has answered a dangerous call: to embrace the natural world of Terminus and peer into its mysteries. With the manifold fragments of other worlds and realms now on Terminus, the landscape is highly diverse and treacherous. For this reason, Druids are often revered as visionaries who can see beyond the fragmented terrain and into the heart of Terminus itself.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    A Halfling Druid. Hirode can be seen, perched on the druid's shoulder.

    At its core, the Druid is a light-armored mystic who is able to draw out aspects of the natural world and imbue them into other living things or project them into their surroundings. But there is a fine line they must walk as they gaze ever-deeper into the secrets of Terminus. The Druids who learn to master these revelations are rumored to have incredible restorative abilities, while wielding the power to command the weather itself. Surely, there is rarely a display as awe-filled as this kind of fury when kindled.

    Game Guide[edit | edit source]

    For in-depth guides to the Druid and beyond, be sure to browse the class guides.

    Group Role

    Bullet.png Healer. The role of the healer is a critical one. The healer's job, first and foremost, is to ensure that none of their teammates die. Within an ideal group set-up, the Healer can focus the majority of their healing on a single teammate: the party's Tank.
       Among the Healers, Druids are the masters of in-direct healing. This can be seen in three primary forms: Druids can boost a player's natural health regeneration (25px Imbue Trait: Ashen Regeneration), they can boost the effectiveness of healing received by a target (25px Hirode's Shelter), and they are capable of casting area of effect (AoE) heals (25px Verdanfire Tree). Druids also have a unique passive ability called (25px Reverberation), which causes healing effects cast by any other member of the group to jump to another group member, so long as the druid themselves had a healing effect active on the initial target.

    Bullet.png Support. A class in the support role has access to many beneficial abilities designed to help their teammates survive and fight beyond their normal means.
       Druids have access to a line of spells called "Imbue Trait", which provide a variety of beneficial effects such as: boosting movement speed (25px Speed of the White Wolf), or boosting the armor class, stamina statistic and stun resistance of their ally (25px Imbue Trait: Grizzly's Resilience).

    Bullet.png Utility. Utility is a broad category. It can perhaps best be thought of as a sum of all abilities that do not fall under the other categories (Tanking, Healing, Damage Dealing, Crowd Controlling, Supporting)
       Druids have access to a variety of utility spells, such as invisibility (25px Nature Shroud), damage shields (25px Verdanfire Briars), and creating bridges of vines to help cross gaps in the environment (25px Vinewoven Bridge)


    The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.

    FAQ[edit | edit source]

    In September, 2019's newsletter, Chris Perkins debuted a new segment where he answers commonly asked questions about the classes of Pantheon.

  • Bullet.png Q

    How will Druid and Wizard teleportation be handled?

    Bullet.png Chris

    When a Wizard approaches a Gateway for the first time, they will be able to “discover” it. Part of that process includes speaking with the NPC Gatewalker who oversees that portal. Whether through conversation or quest, the Wizard will gain access to that Gateway as part of their network. Every Gateway they discover in this manner will become part of their ever-increasing network of Gateways. Druids will encounter an identical process, utilizing Wandering Stones.
    Our plan is for the Wandering Stones and Gateways to become increasingly available to Druids and Wizards as part of a growing, interconnected network. Wizards/Druids will then be able to access all of their discovered portal locations through a UI window.
    At higher levels, Druids/Wizards will be able to teleport themselves to the primary Gateway or Wandering Stone in order to access the network more quickly. In addition, they’ll eventually be able to bring their group members with them through the Gateway/Wandering Stone network.

    From October, 2019's Newsletter

    Bullet.png Q

    Will all the races of Druid be limited to the fox companion, or will there be different types of companions based on the Druid's race?

    Bullet.png Chris

    I totally understand where this question's coming from, and it comes down to time and resources. If we have time and resources to create some additional manifestations of Hirode for the different races, to make it more fitting, then we will most likely explore that.

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