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Death is a gameplay mechanic in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


Death occurs when your character's Health Points reach 0. Upon death, you suffer various penalties and are given the option to wait or release your soul and return to your bind point. You can be resurrected by any of the three healers (Cleric.png Cleric, Druid.png Druid, Shaman.png Shaman) which negate some of the penalty of dying.

The penalties for dying are:

  1. You lose a % of your current progress to the next level.
  2. Your worn equipment takes a large penalty to its durability. (as of 7/2020, Durability is not officially implemented)
  3. All general, non-worn equipment is left on your corpse. To retrieve these items, you must return to the location of your death and loot them off your body.

Your character keeps all of their worn equipment upon dying. Being resurrected (see below) by any of the three healers restores a portion of your lost EXP, with no difference in restored amount between classes.

You can view the FAQ regarding death penalties here

Bind Point (Binding)[]

Your character's Bind Point is the location to which they will return upon dying and releasing their soul.

Consent (Corpse Dragging)[]

Through the use of the consent command, you can give another player permission to move your corpse.[1]

Consenting another player to drag your corpse can be useful, as they can move your corpse to a location more accessible for you, or even bring you to a healer for a resurrection. Some classes, such as Rogues have access to abilities and spells which make it easier for them to access dangerous locations and retrieve bodies. *You can revoke consent at anytime, which immediately stops the player from being able to move your body. This leaves your body wherever the player was at the moment you revoked consent.

Be careful to only consent players you trust! A mischievous player can just as easily make it harder for you to retrieve your corpse.


Pantheon's Healer classes all have the ability to resurrect players who have died. Resurrection restores a portion of the EXP you lost upon dying and returns you to the location of your corpse.


Bullet.png Entries with a small * beside them are NOT officially confirmed mechanics, and are instead INFERRED/ASSUMED either by a mechanic's similarity to a mechanic in another game, or because of implication.


Bullet.png On July 25th, 2020, a VIP violated NDA by posting to the unofficial Discord server about the death penalties that the devs had decided on. Chris 'Joppa' Perkins personally confirmed the details soon after: