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The treacherous depths of Amberfaet are an extremely frigid climate.

Climates are extreme environments found in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen that can cause detrimental effects to player characters. These effects can be mitigated through the process of acclimation. Each of those extreme climates will have tiers associated with them corresponding to how punishing they will be to players. For example, players may be able to survive in a Tier 1 environment without any acclimation, but would certainly experience some detrimental effects like a weapon or movement speed penalty. The higher the tier, the more detrimental and severe the effects would be. Some climates can be found within other climates.


File:Character UI Acclimation.JPG

The Acclimation page. This character has no Acclimation Infusions. [Pre-Alpha]

This character has Acclimation Infusions, in this case represented by the Snowflake icons on the right. Note on the left, the icons that correspond to those with Infusions in them are lit up, providing a quick reference [Pre-Alpha]

Each of these Extreme Climates have 5 tiers of potency with which they can exist in the world. The higher the tier, the greater the scope and severity of its effect on players. Additionally, the higher tier an Extreme Climate is, the more Acclimation is necessary for a player to occupy that area safely. Each climate will have its own set of “core” and “sporadic” detriments it can inflict.

Core Detriment
An Extreme Climate’s core detriment is the effect that will apply to all players immediately upon entering the climate area. The core detriment will typically consist of several layered effects which can be mitigated by increasing the Acclimation score towards that specific climate.

Sporadic Detriment
Sporadic detriments have a chance of occurring as long as the player remains in the climate area. The chance a player will be affected by a sporadic detriment depends on the tier of the climate and their personal Acclimation score. Currently, the sporadic detriments for the Frigid climate are:

Let's look at the Frigid Climate as an example. It's core detriment is called Glacial Pace, and the effects of the Core Detriment are:

Bullet.png Decreased movement speed
Bullet.png Decreased attack speed
Bullet.png Increased casting time
Bullet.png Increased cooldown time of abilities

The Sporadic Detriments and their effects are:

Bullet.png Frozen Lungs - Player takes a jolt of damage, losing X% of maximum health based on the climate tier. While Frozen Lungs is active, Endurance will drain until empty and will not regenerate by natural means until Frozen Lungs is no longer in effect.
Bullet.png Frostbite - Player takes a jolt of damage, losing X% of maximum health based on the climate tier. Places a counter on the player that will last until the player leaves the climate area. At 5 stacks of Frostbite, the player will be unable to engage in melee or ranged attacks and spell-casting will become disabled. The chances Frostbite will occur will increase dramatically in higher tier Frigid climates.
Bullet.png Hypothermia - Player takes a jolt of damage, losing X% of maximum health based on the climate tier. While Hypothermia is active, the player will lose Y amount of health every second until the player is dead, or Hypothermia is cured. This effect can only occur if at least one other Sporadic Detriment is active on the player.


Is the process in which a player character mitigates the effects of climates. Becoming acclimated is carried out through equipment modification or special equipment allowing players to absorb resistances altering the physical composition of their character. Characters will have different slots like chest, legs, hands, arms, feet, etc. to which players apply these items. Players will also be able to change acclimatization.


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