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Cleric is a class available to the dark myr, dwarf and human races. Their primary role is that of a healer, with their speciality within that role being direct healing and prevention of damage. They are also capable of casting potent beneficial spells that boost the maximum health and armor class of their allies. Though primarily a healer, clerics are capable in melee combat and, like paladins, they are steadfast opponents of the undead.


It is the Frail Age of Terminus. After the horrors of the Deicide War, interaction with the Celestials has become virtually unknown. Thus, the clerics can hardly rely on their Pantheon directly. Instead, they must bind themselves to the ancient directives of their Order, guided by the written wisdom of the Celestials of ages past. clerics are focused on healing and dealing damage to their enemies through melee combat and faith magic. They can manifest astral Paladin sentries to fight for/with them.

To his core, the cleric is focused on healing himself and his allies, and in this role he has no equal. But the cleric can also dramatically enhance the defenses of his allies through the use of powerful signets, potent writs and ethereal armors. Though few in number, clerics can perform feats of stunning ability once empowered with a measure of their Celestial’s influence. Indeed, for this very reason, certain elder clerics are mistakenly revered as true Celestials! Because of the cleric's searing devotion to the Celestial path, they have evolved the means to turn the Undead and other malignant beings.


A male dwarf cleric.

Clerics have mastered the restorative arts of their Order, allowing them to use a myriad of potent healing abilities. But the cleric can also dramatically enhance the defenses of their allies through the use of powerful signets, writs and ethereal armors. Imbued with Celestial power, clerics can perform feats of stunning ability. Indeed, for this very reason certain master clerics have been mistakenly revered as true Celestials! Because of the cleric's affinity to Celestial light, they have evolved the means to turn Undeath and other cursed beings.

Game Guide[]

For in-depth guides to the cleric and beyond, be sure to browse the class guides.

Combat Resource


Celestial Power/Celestial Bond. Clerics gain Celestial Power as a percentage of the effective healing they perform on themselves and their allies. Also, certain abilities increase a cleric's Celestial Power by a certain amount when used. Other abilities have a Celestial Power cost in order to be performed. When a cleric has accumulated enough Celestial Power, a Celestial Bond forms. While this Celestial Bond is active, the Celestial Power cost of abilities is reduced by X%.

Group Role

Bullet.png Healer - The healer's job, first and foremost, is to ensure that none of their teammates die. Within an ideal group set-up, the healer can focus the majority of their healing on a single teammate: the party's tank.
   Among the healers, clerics have the strongest single target healing spells (File:CLE Burst of life icon.JPG Burst of Life). With their ability to wear full plate armor and wield shields, clerics are the sturdiest healer and should not be afraid to enter melee combat and display their skill with blunt weaponry (File:CLE Favor of the order.png Favor of the Order)

Bullet.png Support - A class in the support role has access to many beneficial abilities designed to help their teammates survive and fight beyond their normal means.
   For the cleric, this is primarily seen through their powerful maximum Health boosting spells (File:CLE Bolster icon.JPG Awaken Bravery), Armor Class Boosting spells (File:CLE Gift Ethereal studded armor icon.JPG Gift: Ethereal Studded Armor) and their ability to resurrect fallen allies (File:CLE Revive icon.JPG Revive).


The race you choose will provide different racial innate abilities that can and will be handy while adventuring. There will be times when the race you choose is to your, and your party’s, advantage; at other times neutral, and other times to your disadvantage. They will all be useful in any serious dungeon or other adventure area but one may be more advantageous in certain scenarios and situations.

FAQ / Q&A[]

Below are questions and answers for the cleric, both from the Burning Questions segments (debuted in 2019) and other official sources.

From September, 2019's Newsletter [2]
Bullet.png Q

How will Celestial Aegis actually work? Will we see massive trains from NPCs not being able to path to the player and being forced to find a different, NPC-filled way around the barrier?

Bullet.png Chris

When NPCs encounter the Celestial Aegis barrier, they will be limited in how far away they can look for a path around. If they can’t find one within that range, they will try to break through the barrier. The barrier will have a certain amount of HP - therefore, it will either dissipate when the NPCs break through or when the barrier’s duration ends, whichever comes first.

From October, 2019's Newsletter

Bullet.png Q

How is the summoning and usage of Celestial Tomes going to work? Do I have to have it equipped in my weapon/shield slot to work?

Bullet.png Chris

Clerics will be able to summon tomes in the early game. They will go into your general inventory and you can equip them from there. But once that falls off [once clerics no longer gain new summon tome spells], you will begin finding more powerful, rare tomes out in the world.
Yes, you do have to have them equipped. They are a secondary/off-hand item, so they'll fit in the same slot that a shield would.

Other FAQ/Q&A
The following information was not provided via the Burning Questions segment, but was confirmed by official sources.

January, 2021 - Joppa joined in on conversations taking place in the unofficial Discord and responded to a question asked about clerics:

Bullet.png Q

Are clerics melee or ranged healers?

Bullet.png Chris

Pictured: Clerics aren't designed to be melee healers, as in needing to melee to generate the resource they use for healing. However, they should be more adept at getting into melee range/contributing some melee damage/taking a few hits than the Shaman or Druid.


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