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To survive on Terminus one must navigate an endless sea of risks and opportunities. Against this dark unknown the well-worn paths of physical, mental, magical and spiritual mastery endure like beacons of light. Known collectively as Classes, these paths of mastery guide the hopeful and the terrible from birth to the grave and beyond.
~ Official Description

A Class is a common method of arbitrating the capabilities of different characters. A character class aggregates several abilities and aptitudes, and may also detail aspects of background and social standing, or impose behavior restrictions. Classes may be considered to represent archetypes, or specific careers.


Pantheon uses a quaternity system of roles:

1. Damage - defined as either physical (monk, rogue, ranger) or magical (summoner and wizard)

Damage characters primarily focus on killing hostile non-player characterss.

2. Healer (cleric, druid, shaman)

Healers primarily focus on restoring health to their party members.

3. Support (enchanter)

Supports primarily focus on offering combat advantages to their parties primarily through non-destructive and non-restorative means. Crowd control is a facet of support, as is enhancing allies with beneficial abilities, weakening foes with detrimental abilities, and altering states to synergize with other members of the party.

4. Tank (dire lord, paladin, warrior)

Tanks primarily focus on maintaining the attention of hostile non-player characters and directing damage away from other party members.

What about the old website roles?

Prior to the website update in 2020, roles on classes were listed differently and some roles disappeared from certain classes. For example, "Crowd Control" and "Off-Tank" were both removed from the enchanter and monk respectively, and "Utility" was removed from a number of classes, such as rogues.

These roles have not been removed. Enchanters still possess crowd control, monks are still able to fulfill the off-tank role and classes who used to list utility are still able to offer various non-combat advantages to their parties.

Classes for Launch

There are 12 classes proposed for launch:



In the Frail Age, communion with Celestials is unheard of. The Cleric must bind to ancient Tomes containing the last vestiges of light from when the Celestials had drawn near. Dire Lord

Dire Lord

Legends speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some able to manipulate the ‘essence’ of living things--even their very blood. Druid


Amidst the fragmented realms, the wild-eyed Druid embraces the diverse, natural world, peering into its mysteries. Druids are revered as visionaries who can see into the heart of Terminus. Enchanter


Through a single word, the Enchanter can turn the intent of an enemy and break even the strongest of wills into submission.


Through longstanding discipline and unwavering obedience to ancient teachings, the Monk wields their mind and body as a devastating, holistic weapon against their enemies. Paladin


Once a Cleric, the Paladin has a call transcending the customs of the Cleric Order. Led by her convictions, she sets off to carry out her own righteous judgment. Ranger


In untamed regions, the Ranger is a versatile and ferocious warrior, united with the land and animals he communes with. Rogue


The treacherous Rogue is far more than a trickster. With her daggers, she is a ruinous force that smiles at the dark places and unravels her enemies with terrifying efficiency.


It is rumored that Shamans live in every age at once. Thus, Shamans know the ancestry of any friend or foe, wielding this knowledge to great benefit or baneful cost. Summoner


The Summoner has developed a powerful arcane command to conjure sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry, even fantastic creatures of incredible strength – all of this at her whim. Warrior


The Warrior seemingly defies limits of physical strength, ability and resilience. However, not content with fortitude alone, he also refines his mind, becoming a master strategist in battle. Wizard


While many Wizards are driven mad through study of the arcane, those who emerge stable under the weight of this power wield a force barely imaginable in awe and effect.

Classes in progress

There are 2 classes that are not yet available.
They are proposed to be available either at around launch or at some point after: Bard, Necromancer








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