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Bard is a class under development which is tentatively scheduled for completion before the full game launch. The class is available to the archai, dark myr, dwarf, elf, halfling and human races.


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  • Bards are likely to also fill the support sub-archetype by amplifying their allies with their abilities in addition to fulfilling the control archetype (2021) [5]
  • The reason bards (and necromancers) are being developed later is because the archetype they fill "wasn't as strongly in place" when Joppa was designing the classes. (2021) [6]
  • Bards may have a "composition system". (2021) [7]
  • Bards are already being taken into account when it comes to itemization (2021) [8]
  • Bards fulfill the 'Control' archetype along with the enchanter and necromancer (2020) [9]
  • Joppa is still confident that the bard will make it into the game before the full launch (2020) [10]