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Avendyr's Seat
Avendyr's Seat
Continent: Kingsreach
Type: Outdoor
Level Range 01 - ??
Connected Zones Avendyr's Pass
Zone Summary
Avendyr's Pass is the outskirts of Thronefast, located outside of the city. It also has a newbies area just outside city gates.


This zone is on the continent of Kingsreach. It is the home of Thronefast, the Human starting city. It also has a newbie yard just outside city gates.


NPC Picture NPC Name Frequency Level Range Notes
Maylin Cozwell Unique ?? Located at the fields
Thronefast Guard Common ?? Guard
Thronefast Regular Common ?? Guard; located near the entrance to Thronefast
Thronefast Pridemane Uncommon ?? Guard


Enemy Picture Enemy Name Frequency Level Range Notes
Bat Common ??
Crumbling Skeleton Common ??
Fox Pup ?? ??
Gadai Bandit Uncommon ?? Roams the roads outside of Thronefast
Rat Common ??
Ruined Skeleton Common ??
Second Curse Wolf ?? ?? Located at the ruins
Shambling Skeleton Common ??
Small Bat Common ??

Points of Interest[]

  • It contains Thronefast, the Human starting City.
  • The Arch: On the way to Thronefast, which contain engravings.