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Continent: Kingsreach
Type: Dungeon
Level Range 35 - 45 (Upper)
45 - 50 (Lower)
Connected Zones Avendyr's Pass
Zone Summary
Amberfaet is a Frigid dungeon zone located in the Avendyr area. The lower section is a full-on raid area,.


Amberfaet is an icy dungeon zone located in North-east Kingsreach in the Avendyr area. It is a zone intended for the high 30s to mid 40s, making it quite a contrast of difficulty compared to areas of Avendyr's Pass. The zone has a frigid climate and requires Frigid infusers for some parts. The lower section of Amberfaet is intended as a full-on raid area.



Image Name Frequency Level Range Notes
MOB Bloodfang Raider.png Bloodfang Raider Common ??
MOB Bloodfang Ritualist.png Bloodfang Ritualist Common ??
MOB Bloodfang Stalker.png Bloodfang Stalker Common ??
Icebite Cavecrawler Common ??
Icebite Hatchling Common ??
MOB Iceblood crawler.png Iceblood Crawler Common ??
Iceblood Cavecrawler Common ??
Forgotten Coldheart Common ??
Forgotten Deadblade Common ??
Forgotten Frosthand Common ??
Forgotten Sundersmith Common ??
Frigid Frightmaen Common ??
Frostbone Arcanist Common ??
Frostbone Scoundrel Common ??
Malthyr's Colossi Unique ?? Boss mob
Terra Frightmaen Uncommon ??
50px Snowclaw Wolf Common ??
50px Fjodrin the Sundersmith Uncommon 44+

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